11 Apr

Great life hacking gadgets

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The grid it organizing pouch

This is probably among the greatest recent advancements in life hacking technology. There are bands that cross over each other in a gridlock format. They enable you to carry a lot of stuff in your bag. Stationary is great for this one. But there are so many more possibilities. You could put cabling in it, pencils, pens, stationary, your mobile and more. Rather than allow all this small sort of stuff to roll around in your bag you can more easily organize and contain it. The grid it’s can be found in a variety of sizes as well as shaping’s. They also feature a pocket area for a tablet, iphone, ipad or the like. Further to this, there are numerous pockets of different sizes which allows for a lot of customization in how you want to organize it.

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Recharge many different things at the same time with a power splitting battery charger
If you’re able to locate a suitable power cord plug outlet, and have a number of gadgets to recharge, having a surge protected board can come in handy for this job. A useful answer to this dilemma is belkin’s surge protecting power board style charging device. On it is featured some USB outlets as well as traditional power outlets. This sort of charger is perfect for when you’re at work, the library or an office where limited power is available. This happens a lot at the library. With this device you can use your laptop as well as charging your favorite devices.

The three G or 4-G hotspots

Wireless internet is almost universally available. Even at McDonalds and other public places like shopping centers you can be sure to have access to a wi fi terminal. Despite it’s wide availability it can be massively unreliable. Perhaps it’s because so many people are always trying to connect to it. The perfect way of overcoming this issue is with a personal wi fi hotspot receiver. These allow you to connect to the internet put out by your favorite telecommunications provider. This isn’t the only way of achieving this though. You could also jail break an iphone and turn it into a hotspot. Together with an app such as Mywi you can link the mobile to a wi fi connection such as those from verizon and the like. This latter option is fraught though. It can lead to issues with your phone. So please be careful and get an expert to help you set it up. The most reliable way of doing is by far the dedicated wi fi hotspot devices.

Hyperjuice battery recharging device – just in case

It can be so tough to run your gadgets off traditional batteries alone. They just run out of power too quickly. It’s now all too easy to be caught without any power left. Think of your pocket camera device. They just don’t last long at all. There are often times, particularly with a camera, when there aren’t any wall power sockets around. This is where a portable battery charger can come in handy. One such example is the hyper juice battery charger. This device hooks up to the laptop a mobile or many gadgets for that matter.

Supercharge your mobile camera with aftermarket lens devices

The thing with portable cameras is you never know when you’ll actually want to use it. When the perfect moment pops up you’re often left without a suitable camera. This happens a lot if you rely solely on your mobile phones built in digital camera. As for carting around a professional style SLR it’s just not happening for the vast majority of jo blow photographers. You can now purchase little lenss that you attach with a magnet to the smart phones lens. They extend the power of the built in lens and allow you to focus on objects that are really far away. You can also get creative with a fish eye lens that warps everything in sight. Alternatively, there’s a macro lens that enables hyper close up photos to be taken with the good ole smart phone.