29 Jun

How to build a great home gym on a budget

home gym setup with bosu ballWhy take out a gym membership when you can train just as effectively at home? In fact, you could make it more interesting as well being able to customise it the way you want it. To make it just as good as the gym though, some important factors need to be considered first. Make sure you think about these things and do some planning up front.

One issue that can make it challenging to better what the gym offers is getting hold of the right equipment. This can be expensive. In addition, a lot of it requires some one else to be in support. For example, weights and barbells need a spotter a lot of the time. Even if you’re using something simple like a bosu ball, you want somone around in case you fall and roll your ankle or something like that. If you can manage these things then emulating the gym will be easy.

The lack of social stimulation as a barrier

Some people just love to bounce off the energy of others around them. These people tend to get more energised for exercise when others are around. If you train when no one is at home and you’re like this it could be tough. Being at home can be much less exciting than being in the hustle and bustle of a gym. Not only that, but gyms offer variety with different types of equipment. It allows you to bounce around trying different things like elipticals, bosu balance trainers, TRX and tread mills.

So what are the solutions to these challenges?

Well firstly, it’s about mindset. If you can clear a room or even just a corner of a room, use that as
your gym floor. Having to train on your own might take getting used to. However, view it positively. It can help to focus on fitness with nothing to distract you. With focus you can achieve great things. Gyms are usually busy and contain a lot of mirrors and people looking at one another. Instead, you won’t have to worry about all the distractions of gym that can really harm your fitness.

When it comes to the problem of equipment, just try to get the most important stuff. You won’t need big fancy machines. However, you will require a bench press, dumbbells, kettlebells, a bosu ball (click here to find out more about these), barbell, and a chin up frame or bar. With this apparatus you’ll be able to do the most effective exercises. These include
pull ups, squats, swings, bosu lunges, plank and others.

As mentioned, when using gym equipment you often need a spotter to hit the maximum effort. When training at home, often this luxury is unavailable. To avoid this problem, do exercises that send you
to max effort with little weight. Exercises like pull ups, dips, push ups, swings and others will enable to to achieve this. This is how the military train and for good reason. The body weight is enough to make you train just as hard if not harder than if you were at the gym.

Some key advantages to getting fit at home

It’s much more convenient to exercise in the home. You don’t have to get in the car and travel anywhere. You can train when you’re ready in your own time. Given there are less barriers to getting started it can be quicker. Since you’ll often do body weight training, super setting is a big part of
this. This can make training faster also. Moreover, without having to wait for equipment or looking and talking to others you can get your training done and dusted sooner than later.

What if I don’t have money for any equipment

All good no problem. You’ll be training like a military person instead. Don’t worry about the bosu ball and other equipment. Just get down and do your push ups, squats, and go running a lot. You’ll probably end up fitter than those others down at the prissy gym anyhow.

The key important difference between gym equipment and body weight trainnig is the former isolates muscle groups more. The latter demands many more muscle groups to work in tandem. As muscles are so big, more energy is needed the more muscle you recruit. This makes for a tougher work out and much better results.

18 Jun

Numerous ways technology can support weight loss

weight_loss_technologiesTechnology is a great way to lose weight and the three largest technologies would be entertainment, transportation and weight loss or fitness devices. Numerous researches has proven that you are likely to stick to a diet plan if you have support, it will enable you eat better and work out harder; gradually you will drop more pounds and keep them off.

Technology do really support healthy weight loss

There are lots of brand new fitness devices available on the market that guarantee to assist you lose weight and also get healthy. Among them are numerous expensive devices that basically act as pedometers, calculating your activity throughout the day to provide you with a concept of precisely how active you really are.

Technology-Based Fitness is Likely Here to Stay

In the year 2011 for the very first time ever, individuals in the United States of America invested much more time on mobile apps compared to what they actually did on the web. the truth is , they invested about 10 percent additional time on apps than they actually did on an internet browser . The Internet has been increasingly relegated to a track record system that permits individuals to gain access to data through apps with a stylish user interface. This really is incredibly astonishing considering that mobile apps have merely existed for a few years, however it’s also indicative of a technology that’s probably here to stay. We’ve also seen a huge rise in the number of websites discussing topics such as weight loss. For anyone needing to purchase any of the weight loss aids available there’s definitely no shortage of eCommerce stores. An example is www.garciniacambogiaaustraliahq.com.au, which sells weight loss supplements.

Few ways to assist weight loss

Having a Diary

It is very important that you write down the ups and downs of your weight loss experience or rather your weight loss adventure, your successes and how your came about it, frustrations and struggles. You could create a blog where you share your daily tips and experience in your weight loss journey, It is also wise to allow comments on your post this will help you receive awesome comments from other people following your blog.

Join support group

There are lots of forums where you can get involved in conversations, for example let’s say you are looking for the best method to loss weight within a week if you are in a virtual support group you could easily get help from other members. The more involved you get in conversations the more experience you will be getting out.

Get started with an e-mail chain.

A brand new British research discovered that customers receiving motivating e-mails from a dietitian were very likely to preserve weight loss; the exact same technique could possibly work between friends and family as well. “If your sister in a different state is also endeavoring to lose 20 pounds—and she’s the type of sister who enables you to feel motivated—agreeing to regular email or perhaps Skype could completely assist in keeping you on the right track

29 Jun

Advances in fitness apparel materials

compression gear for sportsDid you know that leaves are very efficient at extracating the moisture vapours. This is due to their ingenious design. They are equiped with pore like eyelets that are microscopic. These allow the water
to ease out slowly.

Well, in the fitness world you can actually get clothing that’s designe to do the same thing with sweat. Such clothing is made of a special compound that is light, flexible and most of all able to extract the sweat to the outside of the clothing. This prevents them from clinging and becoming too heavy. In addition, they are super comfy because they hug the body and fit to any shape.

If you’re into fitness you’ll appreciate the need for clothes that can extract the perspiration. Also important, is the need to be comfortable. These clothes can actually keep the heat down while maintaining healthy warmth of the muscles and limb joints. This keeps them flexible so you don’t get injured. They are also designed to add compression to the muscles that ensures blood flow and decreases the liklihood of injury. It’s called compression wear and it also makes muscle recovery quicker.

The types of apparel just described is available to buy now! They contain all of the features and technologies just listed. Similarly to the leaves, they feature stomata that extract moisture efficiently. While you exercise your temperature will be well regulated. While staying warm you can prevent overheating and the discomfort of wet heavy clothing.

This kind of clothing can benefit all sorts of people. Obviously, people who go to gym and play sport will need these. However, if you’re in the army, or anything active they come recommended.

Even though this apparel is soft and great for sweat regulation they’re tough too. They’ve been designed for the rigours of physcial activity. Among these fabrics is one called Stomatec. It is commonly utilised in compression wear, bike shorts, military gear, surfing clothes and the like. People who are into extreme sport and physcial activity will love this stuff.

Sounds interesting, can you be more specific about how it’s suppose to work?

It is a fabric that has carefully woven pores or chambers across the surface. As the garment stretches
during activity, the pores open and contract. This enables the heat and the sweat to be sucked out at a well regulated pattern. As you say pump your legs and arms the pores will pump out all the unwanted
heat and persperation making exercise more enjoyable. They act as a kind of air conditioner too. The pores will not only let heat out but cooler dryer air to enter as well.

In the fitness industry these pores are called vapour chambers. They act as a pump that regulates temperature and water density of the air. The pump will actually scale up its operation as the user becomes more intense in their workout.

From Neoprene to Stomatex: Advances in apparel for the fitness industry

For decades another less efficient material, Neoprene, was utilised in sports gear. It was used in all
sorts of apparel since no better alternatives had been develped til that point. Materials like Stomatex have been tested a lot. They do provide some unique advantages over the former. However, they tend to be a little more limited in the way they allow moisture out. Due to their smaller pores condensation can still develop over time. When this happens the elasticity of the garment degrades.

Should we be wearing clothes made of wild leaves? What do you wear when you’re training?

29 Jun

Simple technology solving big problems

Unfortunately, we all have to accept that we only live once. Everybody, including their mother and dog
has do deal with this scenario. At your place, you may have some older citizens living with you. Rather than allow their elders to go to a nursing home some families continue to look after their elders as a family unit. If this applies to you then you may want to think about putting in a set of stairlift tail gates in and around the home. Usually, if the home is single story ramps will suffice.
However, if your pad is two stories high it’s going to make things tough with those stairs. In this case, get a stair lift please.

So tell me, what is a stair lift?

Stair lifts are a contraption that has been made specifically for the purpose of carting someone in a wheelchair up and down stairs. They simply attach a mount to the bottom of the chair and it drags them up on a rail on the side of the stair case. With one of these they can get up and down the two stories with relative ease. The lift has a motor in it with considerable power and horse power. They are great because they’ve been shown to reduce the chances of dangerous accidents which can lower an elderly person’s life span.

Many of the various models available come with holsters to rest the arms and legs in. This applies to both the DC and AC versinos of the electronic stair life. They make it more comfortable. They also increase safety. Given that a lot of people using them have mobility limitations they need to be well
secured in the seat. However, this doesn’t want to be uncomfortable either. That’s why they come with custom holsters for the legs and arms. In addition, the lift rails and components are protected by special coverings. This reduces the liklihood of damage occuring. This both prolongs the life of the lift while maintaining a high level of safety.

What types of stair lifts are available?

There are, broadly speaking, two different types of stair lift available on the market today. The two main categories are defined by the way they are powered: DC and AC lifts. The latter, AC lifts, have received a lot of criticism in the past. This is due to their stop start and jurky type operation. This can be uncomfortable. However, over the years this type have been improved a lot. Today, good quality comfortable ones are now available.

The other type, DC lifts, have been heaped with considerable praise over the years. This is due to their smoother operation. The user barely even knows they’re being lifted while on a DC machine. They
could even dose off for a nanny nap – no pun intended. For this reason and for safety too, the DC has been much more popular. It’s not all smooth sailing with them though. They contain batteries that need to be recharged regularly. This can be a problem if they run out of power during a lifting session. When this happens the lift is officially out of action until such time it gets powered up again. If you’ve ever recharged something it can take time. Their AC powered counterparts, on the other hand, are constantly connected to the mains power of the house. Some view this as being more convenient to them.

Whether you go with AC or DC though is really up to you. Different people have different needs. You should work out what yours are and then look at different makes, models and prices. Happy lifting!

19 Jun

Advances in Technology have assisted Fitness

Fitness-Tech-GiftsAdvancement in technology has brought about decrease in physical work needed as part of our daily activity. Technology advancement in the precedent two generations has completely removed the previously needed physical activities.

Another approach of technology is to use it in promoting fitness. Researchers have proven that pedometers, accelerometer, heart rate monitor and video games can all be use to assist fitness.


The pedometer is an instrument use for counting and recording the steps taken by foot. There are most pedometers which have precise count in vagrant activities like running, walking and jogging. Most pedometers must be joined to a firm waistband in order to provide accurate step count.

Bravata and colleagues in the year 2007 make known that on average; pedometer users boost their fitness over baseline levels by 27%.

For weight loss, accumulating 11,000 steps to 13,000 steps everyday day is suggested. Using criterion-referenced approach, youth explicit means for good fitness are being established. In days to come, minimum levels of steps per day can be used in identifying health threat thresholds for diseases like cardiovascular, obesity, and osteoporosis

Some known benefit of using pedometers:

  • It builds stamina
  • Increases energy level
  • provide means for measurement to reach exercise goal.
  • It keeps you healthy.


This is am instrument for measuring recording the acceleration of a body. It gives information about the intensity, duration, frequency and the way the body moves. The accelerometer statistics shows that less than 5% of people living in the united state get involve in at least 30 minute exercise every day.

The use of accelerometer in physical activity is low because of it high cost which is about $300 per unit compare to the pedometers which is within the range of $10 to $30 for each unit. But in days to come, less expensive units may be produced and will be more widely used in general surveys and society based intervention.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is use to monitor the exercise concentration. The device is mostly use in checking exercise concentration for persons in cardiac treatment programs and properly trained, competitive athletes.

Combining Heart Rate Monitoring with Accelerometer

Joining heart rate monitor with accelerometer might improve accuracy of fitness measurement. Considerable variation subsists in the connection between accelerometer and the heart rate monitor and physical activity intensity which can be reduce by individual calibration. The forecast of energy expenditure during fitness is improved by 20% when data gotten from heart rate monitors are used in combination with accelerometer (Strath, Brage, and Ekelund 2005).

Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Geographic Information System (GIS)

The global positioning system is a navigation system which includes satellite and stations as a way to calculate location and also monitor a particular activity. Global positioning system might be used in combination with accelerometers to monitor and access fitness.

The geographic information system (GIS) is a system that collects and stores information about a particular environment. With the use of this the impact component on fitness can be assessed.

Interactive Video Games

Studies shows that games like the dance dance revolution, wii fit, and wii sport increase fitness, and can produce helpful benefits for good health. These interactive games are appropriate for playing by yourself or with others, it requires some training or skill, it provide another option for exercise in bad weather, and may serve as a change to people actually participating in sport and fitness.

Dance, Dance revolution (DDR)

Dance Dance Revolution is a video game which has a floor pad controller that has a gridiron of arrow panel. Dancing is known to be a good fitness activity; Dance Dance Revolution has now been used in assisting fitness and weight loss in obese kids and even adults.

Wii Fit

This video game gives over 40 training activities, which is grouped into four different area of aerobic like running and hula hoop. It has received many positive response and many hospitals, fitness centre and senior centre are now including this video game in their rehabilitation and exercise programs.

Persuasive Technology

This involves persuading individuals into doing fitness through some tools like pedometer or a balance board, or through media and social interaction without these individuals actually knowing it. The rising field of persuasive technology has been potentially effective for assisting fitness and healthy behaviors.

18 Jun

How technology is influencing fitness

fitness technologyFitness can be referred to as the suitability of someone or perhaps something for a specific purpose, human nature. Human nature is the principle that there is a couple of natural distinguishing qualities, such as ways of thinking , feeling and also acting , which all human beings tend to possess. In an age exactly where technology surrounds and also influences humanity one must contemplate whether or not technology is evolving precisely our fitness, how we think, feel and act. What’s interesting nowadays is the degree to which technology aids in fitness and other areas of mankind’s development. Others however, posit that it is man who is placing more influence over technology as a means to his ends.

There are numerous methods you can use technology to enable you to track, enhance upon and also plan your fitness routine. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a professional athlete, technological improvements in recent times have greatly assisted to personalize workout plans, coordinate daily activities and do a wide variety of other activities to help with your workout.

Couple of ways technology is influencing fitness

  • Heart Speed Monitors

Heart rate monitors is a great piece of equipment for individuals thinking about enhancing their physical fitness. Simply because your heart rate while you exercise will have a significant effect on the kind of training that you receive, as well as how you enhance your fitness, it’s crucial that you monitor it all the time. Even though many gym equipments have most of these sensors built in, people who utilize other machine or even exercise by themselves will likely be able to utilize the portable heart rate monitors very well.

  • The Importance of Social Networking

Social technology is permeating almost everything in our existence. It appears that each and every platform of media has incorporated social networking into the message. The Facebook or even MySpace craze has drawn over 500 million individuals into the usage of social technology for numerous reasons. Mankind is experiencing connectivity to the human community like never in history. In fact, social networks are central to the dissemination of great information about fitness.

  • Playing music

Music is among the most popular methods to utilize technology in terms of enhancing your exercise. Playing songs when you are training can help you to concentrate to not be interrupted by the transmitting of time, in order to not get bored. You should use your iPod to enjoy podcasts which includes news, sports and weather conditions also, permitting you to keep up to date on what’s happening all around the world when you exercise. IPods or perhaps other type of cell phones can be used to check out films or TV programs while you exercise in a gym.

  • Monitor Range and Pace

A pedometer or perhaps another digital distance tracker will present to you the distance you’ve traveled, ran, biked or even swam. These types of monitors are extremely powerful for monitoring track of your distance. In case you chart your time it is possible to keep track of your pace. These two statistics permit you to much better compare different exercises and also track your progress.

11 Apr

Great life hacking gadgets

life hack gadget homer

The grid it organizing pouch

This is probably among the greatest recent advancements in life hacking technology. There are bands that cross over each other in a gridlock format. They enable you to carry a lot of stuff in your bag. Stationary is great for this one. But there are so many more possibilities. You could put cabling in it, pencils, pens, stationary, your mobile and more. Rather than allow all this small sort of stuff to roll around in your bag you can more easily organize and contain it. The grid it’s can be found in a variety of sizes as well as shaping’s. They also feature a pocket area for a tablet, iphone, ipad or the like. Further to this, there are numerous pockets of different sizes which allows for a lot of customization in how you want to organize it.

life hack gadges
Recharge many different things at the same time with a power splitting battery charger
If you’re able to locate a suitable power cord plug outlet, and have a number of gadgets to recharge, having a surge protected board can come in handy for this job. A useful answer to this dilemma is belkin’s surge protecting power board style charging device. On it is featured some USB outlets as well as traditional power outlets. This sort of charger is perfect for when you’re at work, the library or an office where limited power is available. This happens a lot at the library. With this device you can use your laptop as well as charging your favorite devices.

The three G or 4-G hotspots

Wireless internet is almost universally available. Even at McDonalds and other public places like shopping centers you can be sure to have access to a wi fi terminal. Despite it’s wide availability it can be massively unreliable. Perhaps it’s because so many people are always trying to connect to it. The perfect way of overcoming this issue is with a personal wi fi hotspot receiver. These allow you to connect to the internet put out by your favorite telecommunications provider. This isn’t the only way of achieving this though. You could also jail break an iphone and turn it into a hotspot. Together with an app such as Mywi you can link the mobile to a wi fi connection such as those from verizon and the like. This latter option is fraught though. It can lead to issues with your phone. So please be careful and get an expert to help you set it up. The most reliable way of doing is by far the dedicated wi fi hotspot devices.

Hyperjuice battery recharging device – just in case

It can be so tough to run your gadgets off traditional batteries alone. They just run out of power too quickly. It’s now all too easy to be caught without any power left. Think of your pocket camera device. They just don’t last long at all. There are often times, particularly with a camera, when there aren’t any wall power sockets around. This is where a portable battery charger can come in handy. One such example is the hyper juice battery charger. This device hooks up to the laptop a mobile or many gadgets for that matter.

Supercharge your mobile camera with aftermarket lens devices

The thing with portable cameras is you never know when you’ll actually want to use it. When the perfect moment pops up you’re often left without a suitable camera. This happens a lot if you rely solely on your mobile phones built in digital camera. As for carting around a professional style SLR it’s just not happening for the vast majority of jo blow photographers. You can now purchase little lenss that you attach with a magnet to the smart phones lens. They extend the power of the built in lens and allow you to focus on objects that are really far away. You can also get creative with a fish eye lens that warps everything in sight. Alternatively, there’s a macro lens that enables hyper close up photos to be taken with the good ole smart phone.